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FIVE RE-USABLE LED Balloons each  18 inch ! GREAT for  Birthday Wedding Party Decor , Christmas Gifts, New year!

Size: 18-inch re-usable Balloon + LED lights (9 foot led light string 30 lights) 2 AA Batteries included Ru-usable LED LINE Can Be Cut Anywhere And Will Still Work!

Color: Transparent balloons are made of  (latex) material. You can inflate the balloon with helium or other air and it will be incredible. For a more incredible look put thin led line around top balloon adhere with one small piece of scotch tape and use included clip to tie to bottom of balloon. If you use the included clip you can inflate the balloon as many times as you want. Make sure led line is securely fastened so Led Balloon does not fly away.

Material: environment latex and LED lights. The balloons can be used more than once if you use the clip or you can just tie knot low enough so that each time you refill you have enough at the end of balloon to redo knot. You can use about three times if you do not use the clip.

ACCENT ANY PLACE: WHISTLECOPTER LED BALLOON with led lights: can be used for Christmas, New Years, Wedding Celebrations, Party celebrations, along walkways, disco bar decoration and children toys, they are incredible! Led light can be turned on and off with switch. Lasts about 18 hours of continual use than you need to change included battery.

You can fill with helium, or gas (Not included). You can fill  with Helium at any party  store florist shop about .$95 (Helium) Can float or Air (Can’t Float)

 2 AA battery (included)

Sent in poly bag with instructions!

Package Includes:

1 x Balloon

1 x LED String (2 AA Batteries INCLUDED)

1 x clip

1x Instruction

Please Contact us first if there is anything about your purchase you would like to know. We’ll attend to your concern as soon as possible.

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